PTP650/ PTP670 Mounting Bracket for Integrated ODU

PTP650/ PTP670 Mounting Bracket for Integrated ODU

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PTP 650 ODU Mounting Brackets

The integrated mounting bracket and connectorized mounting bracket are used to mount the PTP 650 or PTP 650S or PTP 650L ODUs on poles with diameters in the range 50 to 75 mm (2 to 3 inches). The extended integrated mounting bracket is used for mounting an integrated or connectorized ODU on poles with a diameter of either 90 mm (3.5 inches) or 115 mm (4.5 inches).

The large diameter extension kit (Figure 11) is be used with the integrated bracket to mount an ODU on a pole with diameter up to 229 mm (9.0 inches). The low profile bracket is used to mount a PTP 650S or PTP 650L ODU on a pole of diameter 40 mm to 82 mm (1.6 inches to 3.2 inches) or 89 mm to 229 mm (3.5 inches to 9.0 inches).

Before ordering ODU mounting brackets, be aware of the following:

- Individual integrated ODUs are supplied without a mounting bracket

- Individual connectorized ODUs are supplied with a connectorized mounting bracket

- ODUs in kits are supplied with an integrated or connectorized bracket, as appropriate