DynaDish 5

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The DynaDish 5 is a new 802.11ac outdoor device with an integrated antenna. Compact in its design, it is a simple and completely integrated product with everything you need to quickly install a reliable point-to-point link. 

The DynaDish 5 is powered by a new 720 MHz CPU from Qualcomm. 

New 802.11ac outdoor device

•  ideal for long-distance point-to-point links

•  5 GHz dual chain board integrated into 25 dBi dish antenna with an 8-degree beam width

•  720 Mhz CPU 300 MHz DDR2

•  one Gigabit Ethernet port

The antenna is an 8 degree 25 dBi dish, and it includes a precise alignment mount, ideal for long-range point-to-point wireless links. 


CPU: QCA9557 720 MHz

Size of RAM:128 MB

10/100/1000 Ethernet ports:1

Wireless: Built-in 5 GHz 802.11ac, dual-chain

Frequency range: 4920 - 6100 MHz (Operating range limited by Country Regulations)

Antenna gain: 25 dBi

Antenna beam width: 8°

Wireless chip model: QCA9892

Wireless regulations: Specific frequency range may be limited by country regulations

Port to port isolation: 23 db

Return loss: < 15 db

VSWR: 1.5

PoE in: Yes

Supported input voltage: 11V - 60V passive PoE or802.3af/at with unshielded cable

Voltage Monitor: Yes

PCB temperature monitor: Yes

CPU temperature monitor: No

Dimensions:Ø 404 mm, height 175 mm (without mount)

License level: 3

Operating System: 9 W

Supported channels: 20/40/80 MHz