Cambium ePMP Sector Antenna 5GHz for 90/120 Degrees with Mounting Kit

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  • Wireless Service Providers deploying networks in 5 GHz spectrum will find this sector antenna for 90ø and 120ø applications especially well-suited for high-density networks requiring frequency re-use
  • Frequency Reuse: Designed for ABAB channel re-use (two channels covering four sectors), the sector antenna has 35 Db front to back ratio including a wide aperture in the rear-facing direction.
  • Channel Flexibility: Consistent gain from 4.9 to 6.0 GHz allows the operator to select a channel anywhere in the band and achieve the expected performance.
  • Consistent Coverage: Excellent null fill capabilities of the antenna allow for broad geographical coverage within a sector even near the base of the tower and the edges of the sector.
  • Designed for the Installer: Small compact design, integrated ePMP radio mount and GPS antenna integration.

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